Livanov Alexander
Кликните для увеличения

   Alexander Livanov was born in Moscow in 1938. From 1955 to 1961 he studied at the All-Union State Cinematography Institute, majoring in arts. In 1963 Livanov joined the Moscow branch of the Artists Union. For many years he taught at the Moscow Institute of Graphic Arts and Publishing. He has been contributing his works to numerous exhibitions inside and outside Russia since the early 1960s. He does drawings and lithographs and has of late developed a serious interest in painting and collage. He has also devoted much time to the genre of still life. ‘I am attracted to meeting an unknown (yet-to-be-drawn) object that I would like to “appropriate”, to exhaust in different situations and to discern my own theme in it… I am interested in the experience of an older generation of Moscow artists and my colleagues, who staunchly cultivate drawing from life,’ Livanov confesses. Since 1963 his works have been on show at international exhibitions in Germany, New Zealand, Austria, Norway, the USA and other countries. The artist has been cooperating with the Kovcheg Gallery since 1988 and always takes part in its exhibition projects. The gallery has staged two solo exhibitions of Livanov (2000 and 2011) and has been including his works into its expositions at international art fairs since 1996. Livanov’s works are kept at the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, the State Tretyakov Gallery, the State Russian Museum, Russian regional museums and private collections.