Krasulin Andrei
Кликните для увеличения

   Andrei Krasulin was born in Moscow in 1934. In 1953 he enrolled on the monumental and decorative sculpture department of the Moscow Higher Industrial Art School. After graduating in 1960 Krasulin worked at the Palace of Soviets Design Department and at the Polytechnical Museum, but soon focussed on wood sculpture. He first exhibited his works in 1962. In the late 1960s Krasulin produced a series of the so-called ‘gardens and plants’, in which natural objects transformed into abstractions. Krasulin used rubbish, such as logs and planks, to make abstract bas-reliefs that formed full-scale series of Fences and Walls in the 1980s. The State Russian Museum purchased two works of Andrei Krasulin in 1980. The artist held two exhibitions in Italy in 1990. He is very prolific and regularly contributes his works to exhibitions. ‘I do not know how to call what I have been doing all these years: painting, sculpture, graphic art… yes, I confess that I am not interested in all that,’ Krasulin admits. His works are today in the State Tretyakov Gallery, Russian city museums, the Ludwig Forum for International Art (Aachen, Germany) and numerous private collections inside and outside Russia. The artist has more than once staged his solo shows in Moscow and St. Petersburg museums and galleries, as well as in Vilnius (Lithuania) and Berlin (Germany). He has also contributed to major exhibition projects in Paris, Ljubljana, Sanremo and St. Petersburg. The Kovcheg Gallery has mounted several group expositions with Krasulin’s works. In the autumn of 2011 they formed part of the Kovcheg Gallery exhibition project ‘Between Object and Imagination’ within the Parallel Programme of the 4th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art.