Sakhatov Valery
Кликните для увеличения

   Valery Sakhatov was born in Nikolayevsk-on-Amur (Russia) in 1947. He began to attend a children's art studio in 1964 and later studied at the Khabarovsk Teachers Training Institute, majoring in painting and graphic arts. Upon graduation in 1971 he taught painting at his alma mater for five years. Sakhatov moved to Moscow in 1982 and joined the Moscow Artists Union. His works were exhibited at the Russian Centre of Otaru (Japan), at Dusseldorf University, Duisburg and Hagen (Germany) and in 2001 his solo exhibition took place at the German embassy in Russia. He also exhibited his paintings in Oakland (New Zealand), Perth (Australia) and New York (USA).

   ‘Sakhatov works with brush, spatula and blade. One layer is put after another, then washed, cleansed or scraped away and put again in search of an image that is a reflection of some visual experience gained earlier,’ writes art critic William Meyland. His works are at the Lehmbruck Museum of Contemporary Art (Duisburg, Germany), Russian museums and private collections of Germany, Austria, France, the USA, Canada, Italy, South Korea, Israel, Belgium, Switzerland, Japan and Russia. In 2010 the Kovcheg Gallery showed Sakhatov’s works at artbygenève and Selection Artfair Basel (Switzerland).