Miturich Piotr
Кликните для увеличения

   Piotr Miturich was born in Petersburg in 1887. He enrolled in the Kiev Art School in 1906 and became a student of the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts in 1909. Miturich contributed his works to the ‘World of Arts’ exhibition in 1915 and, his drawings were published by the Apollo and Golos zhizni (Voice of Life) magazines. Miturich met the poet Velemir Khlebnikov in 1915; their friendship resumed in 1922 and lasted till Khlebnikov’s death. In 1916 Miturich was mobilised, graduated from a military engineering school and served on the German front. In 1918 he was attached to the decorative painting workshops. In 1923 Miturich was invited to teach at VKhTEMAS, which he did until 1930. Between 1925 and 1929 he associated with the ‘4 Arts’ society. He took up lithography in 1925 (the media he briefly tried his hand at in the lithographic studio of the University Biology Museum in1922). Miturich did large-size drawings, paintings and book illustrations and spent much time inventing and designing water, airborne and ground wave-based vehicles, for which he obtained eight inventor’s certificates. He died in 1956. His works can be found in every major Russian museum and also in private collections.