Sofronova Antonina
Кликните для увеличения

   Antonina Sofronova was born in the village of Droskovo, Orel gubernia (Russia), in 1892. She graduated from a Kiev commercial school for girls in 1909 and moved to Moscow, where she attended F. Rerberg’s art school until 1913. Between 1913 and1917 Sofronova studied at I. Mashkov’s painting and drawing studio, and in 1913 contributed her works to the ‘Knave of Diamonds’ society exhibition. In 1918 she joined the Moscow trade union of artist-painters. Sofronova taught drawing at schools of Orel and Orel gubernia in 1919 –1920 and painting and drawing at the State Artistic Studios of Tver in 1920–1921. During that period she also produced a number of Constructivist compositions. She settled in Moscow in 1921 and continued making Constructivist pieces and non-objective compositions. She collaborated with the Krasnaia niva and Klub magazines in 1923–1927, designed posters and book covers for different publishers and worked on the theme of ‘Moscow Street Types’. Sofronova contributed her works to exhibitions staged by the ‘Thirteen’ group and went to Ukraine to gather material for her paintings and drawings in 1938 and to the Caucasus in 1939. When the war broke out, she was evacuated, together with her family, to the Urals, lived in Bashkiria in 1942 and returned to Moscow in 1943. She joined the Artists Union in 1945 and continued to paint, doing portraits, landscapes and still lifes throughout the 1940s and the 1960s. Sofronova died in 1966. Her works are in numerous museum and private collections inside and outside Russia.