Vladimirova Maria
Кликните для увеличения

   Maria Vladimirova was born in Moscow in 1905. The artist Georgy Yecheistov, her mother’s younger brother, had a special role to play in her future. In 1919-1921 Maria frequently visited the flat her uncle shared with the artist G. Shchetinin. Apparently, under their guidance she did drawings, often using paper with the MASTARCHUV stamp. One can say that it was the stamp of the time: the Team of the Sensitive and the Workshop of Senses (MASTARCHUV) was the name of a small association, which initially numbered just the two of them – Yecheistov and Shchetinin. MASTARCHUV members aimed ‘to foster sensual perception of the world’ through ‘cultural, aesthetic and intellectual development’ of ‘both themselves and anyone associating with them’. There are a hundred and fifty graphic works dating to that period in Vladimirova’s archive today. Few of her later works have survived, most of them dating to the 1930s. Maria Vladimirova died in 2000. Her legacy was first presented to the public at large in 2011 and became a discovery in the history of Russian fine art.