Daran Daniil
Кликните для увеличения

   Daniil Daran was born in Voronezh (southwestern Russia) in 1894. Between 1909 and 1916 he studied at Bogoliubov’s Painting School of Saratov under P. Utkin, a member of the ‘Blue Rose’ association. Daran did watercolours, drawings and etchings and was also prolific as a poster and stage designer. He was especially famous for his easel pieces celebrating the circus and the ballet and engaged in magazine and book illustration. He began to contribute his works to exhibitions in 1917 when still in Saratov. By 1921 he had moved to Moscow, where he collaborated with the Gudok newspaper and the Bednota (The Poor), Lapot’ (Bast Shoe) and Krokodil (Crocodile) magazines. He did book illustration and design for Goslitizdat, Sovetskii pisatel and other publishers. Daran began to take part in the exhibitions of the Graphic Artists Association affiliated with the Press House (1926–1928) and then was among the organisers and exhibitors of the ‘Thirteen’ group (1929–1931), which ceased to operate largely due to being charged with formalism and ‘conscious service of bourgeois consumers’. Nevertheless, he continued to exhibit at home and abroad subsequently and taught at the art studio of the Mosenergo Krasny luch (Red Beam) club (1923, 1950–1955) and at the Art School of Kazan (1942). Daran died in 1964. His works are kept at the Tretiakov Gallery and many other state museums of Russia, as well as in private collections.